Welcome to Corona School Ikoyi

Welcome to Corona School Ikoyi located at No. 6, Mekwunwen Road, Ikoyi. It is a forward looking primary school with excellent modern facilities for 5-11 year olds. It is set in extensive grounds away from the bustle of the busy main roads.
Corona School Ikoyi opened in 1958. It grew rapidly through the years and presently, it has 559 pupils spread across four arms of classes 1-5 and three arms of class 6.
Besides the Head of School, Ikoyi School has a Deputy Head of School, a Sectional Head, 65 Teaching staff, 9 Administrative staff and 19 Support staff. We continually strive for academic excellence. We do have big ideas to bring out the best in each child for ‘Every child is a star; A masterpiece’.
The Corona School Ikoyi creed which the children recite every day at assembly states that ‘At Corona School Ikoyi we value good manners and obey all school and class rules. We speak politely, we do not make noise. We walk, we do not run. We remember to bring the things we need for each day. We always try to do our best.’ Our children not only recite this but strive to abide by it.
The School is connected to internet facilities to facilitate supervised independent research when pupils are given class assignments. Our specialist rooms – Library, Learning Support Room, Home Economics Room, ICT Laboratory, Science Laboratory, Sick bay, are all equipped with modern facilities. Our classrooms are equipped with interactive white boards and computers.
Our mission is in line with the Corona Wide Mission to deliver world class education to children; to provide Quality Education for Every Child (QEEC) with a passion for national and global exposure. In doing this, we give our children a chance to take the lead in whole school assemblies and school functions. We also get our children involved in the ‘Read-a-Book’ programme where pupils are encouraged to read at least a book a week and they are given bookmarks as incentives for their achievement and in several extracurricular activities to help them unwind and consequently work better.

Why Choose Us?

Quality education

Our services, facilities, and resources are second to none; we have a culture of continuous improvement and always keeping in tune with our ever changing world.

We are a team of highly qualified, passionate, committed and experienced practitioners who are well versed in providing outstanding learning opportunities, care and support that will bring out our children’s potentials.

World class curriculum

Our curriculum is unique to the Corona Schools as it is a rich blend of the Nigerian curriculum and other major curriculums in the world. It is robust and relevant to the real world, reflecting the knowledge and skills that pupils need to compete successfully as global citizens.


We pride ourselves on offering multiple co-curricular activities for all our children.  We set high standards and regularly evaluate our progress towards achieving them.

Our children are our future and our aim is to ensure they can make a full contribution to a future global community.  Our school ethos is based on consideration, courtesy and respect for others to equip our children to have the confidence and ability to enjoy a fruitful and successful life.

This is just the beginning of a journey that promises to be filled with happy school memories.  My ever caring team and I are proud of our school and will be happy to receive you should you decide to visit.

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